Vehicles and systems for Events


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  • Bild: Trailers on the way to Ethiopia.
    27.06.2016 | News

    Trailers on the way to Ethiopia

    Two bar trailers type 4000/8 K/TR for Addis Ababa based St. George Brewery are on the way to Africa. From Hamburg the trailers will be transported by ship to their final destination Ethiopia.

  • Bild: Party trailers for Peru.
    27.05.2016 | News

    Party trailers for Peru

    After delivering bar trailers and event systems to Brazil, Chile, French Guyana, Suriname and Paraguay, we now shipped 2 PEKI party trailers, type 2500 K to Peru. A craft brewer in Lima will use the trailers, bars and bar tables to promote their beers on private and public events.

  • Bild: Bar trailers for Nigeria.
    27.04.2016 | News

    Bar trailers for Nigeria

    Nigerian Breweries (Heineken group) uses 3 PEKI bar trailers, type 2700 with special interior design for events in the greater Lagos area.

  • Bild: Rothaus celebrates with PEKI.
    31.03.2016 | News

    Rothaus celebrates with PEKI

    For the 225 year jubilee of the "Badische Staatsbrauerei Rothaus Germany" and 60 year jubilee of their brand "Tannenzäpfle" we delivered another bar trailer, type 4000/8 K with special branding for their fleet.

  • Bild: 4000 K for Feldschlösschen Getränke.
    16.02.2016 | News

    4000 K for Feldschlösschen Getränke

    Just-in-time for the 140 year jubilee on Feb. 8, 2016 PEKI has delivered a new series of bar trailers to Felschlösschen Getränke AG.

    Our Feldschlösschen ist part of the Danisch Carlsberg Group and de largest brewer and beverage distributor in Switzerland.

  • Bild: GVC 6000-2 for Paulaner.
    26.01.2016 | News

    GVC 6000-2 for Paulaner

    For Paulaner Brewery Munich we delivered a new mobile container bar. The bar located outside the Audi Dome in Munich, home of Bayern Munich Basketball.

  • Bild: Seasons greetings 2015.
    15.12.2015 | News

    Seasons greetings 2015

  • Bild: BrauBeviale 2015.
    04.12.2015 | News

    BrauBeviale 2015

    Thank you very much for your visit on our BrauBeviale stand.

  • Bild: Event systems on the way to Chile.
    23.10.2015 | News

    Event systems on the way to Chile

    For our customers in the southern hemisphere, the outdoor season is coming.

    Our long-standing customer Compañìa Cervecera Kunstmann SA from Torobayo Valdivia Chile again ordered several event systems, which will arrive shortly.

  • Bild: German road toll for bar and cooling trailers.

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