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  • Bild: 3500 K for Molson Coors.
    29.10.2018 | News

    3500 K for Molson Coors

    Molson Coors is one of the world’s largest brewing croups. Headquartered in Prague CZ, Molson Coors Europe is the leading brewer in Central Europe with international and local brands like famous Czech beer Staropramen, which is available in more than 30 countries worldwide.

    Molson Coors Europe is a longtime customer and has recently bought some more PEKI bar trailers type 3500 K for events in Central Europe.

  • Bild: 4500/8 for Denmark.
    29.09.2018 | News

    4500/8 for Denmark

    Carlsberg Group from Copenhagen Denmark is the world’s no. 3 in beer production and PEKI customer for decades. While the brand Carlsberg is related to all kinds of sports, Tuborg is the beer around music.

    The new PEKI bar trailers type 4500/8 in famous Tuborg green and classic branding will be used for music events, concerts and festivals around Denmark.

  • Bild: No. 1 in Austria.
    30.08.2018 | News

    No. 1 in Austria

    In Austria with nearly 10 Mio. HL beer production and Europe´s no. 3 in beer consumption, we are market leader in vehicles and systems for events for many years.

  • Bild: 3500 KD for Luxembourg.
    24.07.2018 | News

    3500 KD for Luxembourg

    Since decades PEKI bar trailers are the no.1 sold bar and cooling trailers in our neighbour country Luxembourg.

    In cooperation with Diekirch Brewery, part of world market leader Anheuser-Busch InBev, we’ve delivered a PEKI bar trailer type 3500 KD to the community of Steinsel.

  • Bild: 3500 K for Finland.
    28.06.2018 | News

    3500 K for Finland

    Well-known Finish craft brewery Lammin Sahti is one of this year’s new customers from Scandinavia.

    Lammin Sahti has bought 2 fully equipped PEKI bar trailers type 3500 K. One will be used for events in Finland, the second one with finish flag on the roof display and special branding in German, will be used for craft beer festivals in Germany.

  • Bild: Hoepfner Castle Festival.
    28.05.2018 | News

    Hoepfner Castle Festival

    Traditionally, the private brewery Hoepfner Karlsruhe celebrates its Castle Festival over the Whitsun holidays. This year more than 25,000 people have visited this unique event this year with over 60 hours of live music.

  • Bild: GVC 6000-2 for Heineken.
    28.04.2018 | News

    GVC 6000-2 for Heineken

    For festivals and other large events in the Netherlands we delivered a new mobile container bar for Heineken.

  • Bild: 2700 for India.
    28.02.2018 | News

    2700 for India

    New PEKI bar trailers type 2700 will be shipped to India in the next days.

    With over 1.3 billion people, India is one of the world’s most emerging and fast growing markets for beer. A craft brewery will use the trailers for events and promotions in New Delhi and Mumbai.

    The first PEKI bar trailers for India are designed and manufactured for all year use in all climate conditions. Premium quality “Made in Germany”, proven worldwide in over 60 countries on 6 continents.

  • Bild: 4500/8 for CBN Bolivia.
    22.01.2018 | News

    4500/8 for CBN Bolivia

    Paceña is a Bolivian beer produced in La Paz. The beer is produced by CBN (Cerveceria Boliviana Nacional S.A.) a company that dates back to 1877 and that controls 80 % percent of the Bolivian beer market.

    Paceña is made at about 3600 meters above sea level with purified water from the Andes. The new PEKI bar trailer will be used for events all over Bolivia.

    PEKI bar trailers and event systems are successfully in unse in most Central and South Amercian countries.

  • Bild: Seasons greetings 2017.
    13.12.2017 | News

    Seasons greetings 2017

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