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  • Bild: drinktec Munich 2017.
    18.09.2017 | News

    drinktec Munich 2017

    Thank you very much for visiting our drinktec stand.

  • Bild: 4500/8 TR for Olvi Brewery.
    30.08.2017 | News

    4500/8 TR for Olvi Brewery

    The city of Ilsalmi in the heart of Finland is the home of our new customer Olvi brewery. Nearly 3000 km up north from our factory, Olvi brewery has bought a PEKI bar trailer type 4500/8 TR.

  • Bild: New: Stainless steel bar chair.
    28.07.2017 | News

    New: Stainless steel bar chair

    On request of many customers, we've developed a foldable stainless steel bar chair, which is available from now on.

    Also new is the stackable stainless steel storage and transport box for max. 33 bar chairs. Stacked on our box for 10 tables lying, you can transport and store max. 10 tables and 33 chairs on smallest surface.

  • Bild: 4500/8 K for Paulaner.
    30.06.2017 | News

    4500/8 K for Paulaner

    Munich based Paulaner Brewery Group operates, in their own branches and in cooperation with beer distributors, a large number of PEKI bar trailers, cooling trailers and event systems.

    For events in Bavaria and other states, we've delivered additional bar trailers of our whole new 2017 type 4500/8 K.

  • Bild: 2700 for Stiegl Brewery.
    23.05.2017 | News

    2700 for Stiegl Brewery

    Since many years PEKI bar trailers are the no. 1 sold trailers in the alp republics Austria and Switzerland.

    Salzburg based Stiegl brewery is the leading Austrian brewery in private ownership with over 1 million hl output and our customer for many years. This year Stiegl enlarged his nationwide operating bar trailer fleet with more trailers type 2700.

  • Bild: Party trailer for Alpirsbacher.
    28.04.2017 | News

    Party trailer for Alpirsbacher

    German award winning brewery Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu from the black forest has received several new PEKI bar trailers and event systems. Part of the delivery are PEKI party trailers, type 2500 K which will be used for sales and promotions on public events of all kind.

  • Bild: Craft trailers and systems.
    22.03.2017 | News

    Craft trailers and systems

    According a study in 209 countries and territories, the number of craft beer breweries increased to 17.732 at the end of 2016. These breweries produce not more than 5.000 hectoliters, have a staff fewer than 30 and are at least 50 % private owned.

    4.750 craft breweries are based in the U. S. followed by Great Britain (1.655), Germany (1.295), Italy (942), Spain (664), France (662), Canada (612), Netherlands (434), Swiss (419) and Australia.

  • Bild: Bar trailers for Central America.
    27.02.2017 | News

    Bar trailers for Central America

    New PEKI bar trailers, type 3500 K will be shipped to Central Amercia in the next days. A multi-national beer and soft drink manufacturer and distributor will use the trailers for events and promotions in several Central Amercian countries.

    All PEKI bar trailers are designed and manufactured for all year use in all climate conditions. Premium quality and craftmanship, proven worldwide in 60 countries on 5 continents.

  • Bild: KT 2000 bars for Courchevel.
    28.01.2017 | News

    KT 2000 bars for Courchevel

    Courchevel is a ski village in the French Alps. Courchevel is famous for ski races, Tour de France and his spectacular located airport, last seen in a TV commercial for German car maker Audi.

  • Bild: Seasons greetings 2016.
    19.12.2016 | News

    Seasons greetings 2016

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