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New: Container Trailer

Modified shipping containers are very popular and now at many major events, such as festivals, sporting events or trade fairs in action. If, e.g. at festivals the infrastructure, i.e. there is enough space and cranes or container forklifts available, unloading and loading is no problem.

But what about an important event where crane logistic is not available or simply too expensive? What about an event where, due to limited space, a truck with a loading crane cannot drive in or a crane cannot be set up? In case of doubt, the container will be dispensed with as a popular marketing tool.

Our new container trailer with "Lift and Go" technology is the solution for all problems relating to logistics and costs when using containers at events.

The new type CBT 6000-2 AS has a 6 m steel container body, which we have combined with the latest trailer technology with a hydraulic lowering system.

With an SUV or van as the towing vehicle, the trailer, which has a permissible total weight of max. 3,850 kg can still be driven with a BE driving license.

Arrived at the venue, unhook the trailer and simply lower it hydraulically at the push of a button. After the end of the event, the trailer is closed within a few minutes, lifted to the driving position and ready to drive. Lift and Go.

We offer the type CBT 6000-2 AS with custom-made interior works for sales and promotion of drafted and bottled products.

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