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4500-2 for Ethiopia

Heineken has been active as manufacturer in the emerging Ethiopian beer market since 2011 and operates 3 breweries with an annual production capacity of over 4 million hectoliters.

For the local, award-winning premium brand Walia, which is brewed in the Kilinto Brewery in Kilinto in the Addis-Ababa area, we have delivered a type 4500-2 bar and event trailer.

Basis for the new type is the modular design of the 4500/8 series, with which all body variants can be easily realized.

The type 4500-2 with a max. GVW of 2.620 kg is our largest rectangular bar and event trailer. Here on customers request realized with longitudinal draft counter left and fixed side wall right. Under the three large open-up sales flaps the trailer offers a customer bar length of nearly 14 meters. Aluminum truss with LED color changing system is installed under the ceiling with integrated LED spots.

Heineken Ethiopia will use the vehicle combined for sales of draft beer and bottled products. Under the nearly 4.5 m long longitudinal draft counter with space saving placed sinks over the wheel box, is more than enough space for beer coolers, KEG’s, cups and empty bottles. Two large display bottle refrigerators with sliding glass doors will be placed at the fixed right side wall.

Technical data, pictures and description of basic type:


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