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4500/8 K for Paulaner

Munich based Paulaner Brewery Group operates, in their own branches and in cooperation with beer distributors, a large number of PEKI bar trailers, cooling trailers and event systems.

For events in Bavaria and other states, we've delivered additional bar trailers of our whole new 2017 type 4500/8 K.

The 4,5 m long octangular bar trailer in state-of-the art and industry exclusive construction, has a walk-in cold store for up to 28 KEG's 50 l. A 4 line 200 l/h draft beer system in the central draft bar gurantees the perfect pint.

A part of the new trailers in typical Paulaner blue has a multi-brand branding with Paulaner, Hacker-Pschorr and Fürstenberg logos.

Technical data, description, pictures and brochure download: Products / Vehicles / Dispensing / octangular with cold-store / 4500/8 K

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