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Craft trailers and systems

According a study in 209 countries and territories, the number of craft beer breweries increased to 17.732 at the end of 2016. These breweries produce not more than 5.000 hectoliters, have a staff fewer than 30 and are at least 50 % private owned.

4.750 craft breweries are based in the U. S. followed by Great Britain (1.655), Germany (1.295), Italy (942), Spain (664), France (662), Canada (612), Netherlands (434), Swiss (419) and Australia.

City events, beer festivals and guerilla marketing etc. are often the only marketing activities of small craft breweries. In addition to the promotional effect for the brand and often for the own pub, sales and earnings are generated actively.

PEKI supports craft breweries in many countries in Europe and overseas with relieable and state of the art vehicles and systems for events. Check out this website for details about our complete range of products.

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