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  • Bild: Brau Beviale Nuremberg 2019.
    20.11.2019 | News

    Brau Beviale Nuremberg 2019

    Thank you very much for visiting our Brau Beviale stand.

  • Bild: 4500/8 for Rugby Club.
    31.10.2019 | News

    4500/8 for Rugby Club

    French Top 14 league Rugby Club ASM Clermont-Ferrand has bought a PEKI Bar and Event Trailer type 4500/8 to optimize beverage sales in front of Marcel-Michelin stadium with capacity for 19000 spectators.

  • Bild: 3500 K for De Brabandere.
    30.09.2019 | News

    3500 K for De Brabandere

    The De Brabandere brewery from Belgium has received the first bar trailer ever. After an intensive selection process, the brewery, which has the motto "never compromise"
    opted for a PEKI Bar and Event Trailer type 3500 K.

  • Bild: 4500/8 K for Rothaus.
    27.08.2019 | News

    4500/8 K for Rothaus

    This month, our long-time fleet customer, Badische Staatsbrauerei Rothaus, based in Grafenhausen in the Black Forest has received his first PEKI type 4500/8 K.

  • Bild: 4500-2 for Park & Bellheimer.
    28.07.2019 | News

    4500-2 for Park & Bellheimer

    For the total 300.000 hl large Park & Bellheimer AG, with brewing sites in the Palatine towns Pirmasens and Bellheim, we delivered several Bar and Event Trailers of our new type 4500-2.

  • Bild: Rammstein in Copenhagen.
    25.06.2019 | News

    Rammstein in Copenhagen

    As part of their first ever stadium tour, Rammstein played in the Telia Parken Stadium, Denmark's capital Copenhagen on 19.06.2019.

    Like all concerts of the Europe Stadion Tour, the 45,000 tickets for Copenhagen were sold out within a few hours.

    Those who know the dramatic, perfect Rammstein live shows, with pyrotechnics and fire, may have thought it's not getting any bigger, were taught a few minutes after a better one.

  • Bild: 4500/8 K for Brewery Locher.
    23.05.2019 | News

    4500/8 K for Brewery Locher

    The Swiss Kanton Appenzell is also the brand name of Brewery Locher. As largest independent brewery in Switzerland, Brewery Locher produces more than 200.000 hectoliters beer per year.

    For large events and festivals, we have delivered an other PEKI bar trailer type 4500/8 K.

  • Bild: 2000-1 for Spritfabrikken.
    23.04.2019 | News

    2000-1 for Spritfabrikken

    Kolding based Spritfabrikken Danmark is the leading manufacturer of alcoholic shots for parties and events. For the 2019 season we have produced a bar trailer type 2000-1.

  • Bild: 2700 for Bitburger.
    26.03.2019 | News

    2700 for Bitburger

    Bitburger Brewing Group one of the leading German brewery groups, with its flagship brand Bitburger the no. 1 draft beer in Germany, is PEKI customer for over 50 years.

    This week, we have delivered a new bar trailer type 2700 for their Brand Benediktiner Weissbier.

  • Bild: 3500 K for Diekirch.
    26.02.2019 | News

    3500 K for Diekirch

    Brasserie de Luxembourg Mousel Diekirch, a daughter company of the world’s largest brewer AB InBev, is PEKI customer for decades.

    We delivered a new PEKI bar trailer type 3500 K, branded in Diekirch, named after the city where the brewery is located.

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