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  • Bild: 4500-2 for Ethiopia.
    23.09.2020 | News

    4500-2 for Ethiopia

    Heineken has been active as manufacturer in the emerging Ethiopian beer market since 2011 and operates 3 breweries with an annual production capacity of over 4 million hectoliters.

    For the local, award-winning premium brand Walia, which is brewed in the Kilinto Brewery in Kilinto in the Addis-Ababa area, we have delivered a type 4500-2 bar and event trailer.

  • Bild: 4500/8 K for Ramborn.
    18.08.2020 | News

    4500/8 K for Ramborn

    Ramborn is the first Luxembourgish cider producer.

    The idea to make a Luxembourgish cider came up when three old friends were having a drink. Whilst enjoying a summer holiday in the UK and tasting the local ciders, they started sharing stories of their parents and grandparents, who used local apples to produce their very own cider, known locally as “Viez”. That’s when they decided to make their own cider in Luxembourg using this untapped source of apples.

    The idea has turned into a very successful company that wins prizes in international competitions every year for its excellent products.

    For serving Ramborn products at events in Luxembourg, we delivered a fully equipped flagship trailer bar type 4500/8 K.

  • Bild: DGKA for Brewery Locher.
    27.07.2020 | News

    DGKA for Brewery Locher

    The Locher brewery with an annual production of more than 200.000 hectoliters is the largest independent brewery in Switzerland. The award-winning Appenzeller beer specialties are named after the canton of Appenzell, in which the brewery is based.

    For many years we are partner of the Locher brewery, which operates a large fleet of PEKI bar and cooling trailers, as well as foldable bar tables and bars. For large events we have now delivered a PEKI 2-axle beverage cooling trailer.

  • Bild: NEW: 4500 K.
    30.06.2020 | News

    NEW: 4500 K

    Our long-standing partner Galfri, based in Beromünster Switzerland, is a very renowned catering company with many years of experience especially in large events and festivals.

    We are pleased to deliver the first trailer of our new type 4500 K (KD) rectangular 4.5 m with longitudinal buffet and cold room to Rosario Galliker and his team.

  • Bild: 4500/8 K/TR for Zwettler.
    26.05.2020 | News

    4500/8 K/TR for Zwettler

    The Zwettl private brewery, located in the “Waldviertel” in the northwestern part of the Austrian state of Lower Austria, was founded in 1708 and has been owned by the Schwarz family since 1890.

    The member company of the value orientated brewer association “Die Freie Brauer” produces a total of almost 212,000 hectoliters of beverages, of which around 195,000 hectoliters of beer.

    After several vehicles of the predecessor type had proven themselves in recent years, we were awarded the order for a type 4500/8 K/TR.

  • Bild: Fleet update for Meteor.
    27.04.2020 | News

    Fleet update for Meteor

    Meteor Brewery located in Hochfelden Alsace has been operating for nearly 400 years and is the oldest brewery in France.

    Meteor only uses bar and event trailers from PEKI, which has been the market leader in France for many years. The brewery adds several PEKI new trailers to the fleet.

  • Bild: 4500/8 K for Bavavia.
    25.03.2020 | News

    4500/8 K for Bavavia

    For 7 generations the Swinkels family runs the independent Royal Swinkels Family Brewers group. With 7 breweries the group produces around 8 million hectolitres, which are consumed in more than 130 countries.

    For the group’s largest brewery Bavaria located in Lieshout Netherlands we produce several new flagship bar trailers type 4500/8 K.

  • Bild: Intergastra 2020 Stuttgart.
    25.02.2020 | News

    Intergastra 2020 Stuttgart

    Thank you very much for visiting our Intergastra stand.

  • Bild: New: VIP bar front.
    21.01.2020 | News

    New: VIP bar front

    type LF 2000

    VIP bar front with LED light box and serving shelf
    suitable for foldable inox bar frame type KT 2000

  • Bild: Seasons greetings 2019.
    16.12.2019 | News

    Seasons greetings 2019

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